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Please feel free to take [Blue] on outings as you see fit.  He obviously adores you; one day I came in just as you were taking him out the back gate, and he was so happy being with you!  I was a bit jealous. – Patricia (above)

baltimore dog walker testimonial

baltimore dog walker testimonial

“Sundara, it’s been such a pleasure to work with you.  I truly appreciate the professionalism, commitment and dedication you consistently demonstrated. Your commitment, compassion, care and love for animals isn’t something one comes across every day.” – Crystal (above)


baltimore dog walker testimonial


“Thank you for your care.  You will be missed.  We appreciated your service. – Bijou and Alee” (above)


“Thanks for taking such great care of Denali!” –Dave

“Thanks for taking such good care of us and always being here when we need you and always on time for our mom’s crazy schedule.  Love and Licks, Cooper and Amelia”


“I had no hesitation at all suggesting you guys!  As for both you and Natalie walking Barkley, that is no problem at all- as I mentioned, we have had nothing but great experiences with you guys and truly have no complaints! I appreciate all the love you have for Barkley and it certainly eases my mind knowing that you genuinely love him too! It’s crazy to think he was ever that 10 lb puppy you first met! Hahaha ” – Jackie


“Thanks so much Sundara. Barley just loves you guys .” – Jean


“Hi there! Natalie has been coming to the house to help with Ella over the last several weeks and I just wanted to say that we could not be any happier with the care and love that she has shown since our first meeting. We are so excited to be working with Four Dog Adventures. You guys are awesome. We LOVE the journal idea as well!” – Ashley and Dan (and Ella)


” I love Sundara and know for sure that my dog loves her too. I have no complaints at all with Four Dog Adventures. Sundara has been amazing. I was lucky enough to find her on my first interview for a dog walker.  I didn’t interview anyone before and am very happy that my time wasn’t wasted. I found her on Craigslist, met her and she’s was coming to my house the very next week. My general impression of how things have been going is that Sundara truly cares for my dog the way that I do. Sundara has even sent me text message pictures of Lacy doing something cute or funny. You would be lucky to have Sundara care for your dog. Two thumbs up. I’m confident that you will trust her as much as I do once you meet with her. I am not one to complain or overly praise people for a mediocre job. That being said, Sundara and Four Dog Adventures goes above and beyond being just my dog walker. She has quickly become an important part of our family. We all love her specifically my beautiful baby girl Lacy. Lacy is a 3 year old yellow lab that needs exercise and love. My husband is deployed and I work full time, not leaving enough time for my baby. Sundara comes to my house every day scheduled, leaving a sweet note summarizing what they did and what cute/naughty thing my girl did that day. I am so grateful to have found her. She’s amazing and loves my dog as her own.   I’m so proud to have her!” – Colleen


“Thanks again for all you do, you have helped make Lance such a happy dog! Even the vet commented today at his check up about how laid back and happy he seems now! Thanks again!” – Kait


“…BTW I think Larry is thrilled with Jimmy :-) and his little notes are SO thoughtful. They always make me smile.” – Marie


“We could not be more pleased with our experience with Four Dog Adventures. Ollie, our Australian Sheppard mix looks forward to his walks every day! We really appreciate the notes our walker leaves after each session which let us how things went on the walk. With our work schedules, it is too hard to get home during the day, and it is such a big relief to know Ollie gets a good walk and some loving while we are gone. We’re so thankful to have found Sundara and her wonderful team at Four Dog Adventures and could not more highly recommend their services!” – Kelly


“Four Dog Adventures has become indispensable, and we truly appreciate all your help with “the darlings”.  Quincy’s goodie bag is cool. (I’m making him wait until after dinner for the treat-but he knows it’s there). The notebook was a stroke of genius-what a wonderful idea. I bet we fill it up in the coming year! Congratulations to you.” – Diane


“Trust me when I say – Tulip is missing you guys – I TOTALLY see a difference when you guys stop by…she’s actually happier – it’s very cool!” – Alicia


“Thanks so much for the service you provide–I know Veizen really enjoys the runs and your notes are not only fun to read–I come home from work and go to the notebook right away–but they also give me peace of mind. It just makes me feel better about putting in some of those longer work days–or taking time after work to get my own workout in–knowing that Veizen also got a fun time in. And good for you for battling the elements in winter’s ice and spring’s showers.  Thanks so much for the enjoyment you bring both Veizen and I.  I’m glad your business endeavor has grown into a successful career, and how fun to see Veizen’s picture on the newsletter. Thanks!”- Stacy


“Thank you so much for all you’ve done with our girls. We credit you and your team for most of the progress that has been made. Totally trust your judgment, and will be happy to welcome Jessica into our dog family.” – Teri