Services & Rates

Every dog needs a daily dose of exercise and fun, and we go beyond the basics to fulfill your dogs needs!

Check out our list of services below!


Mid-day Walks

15 min –      $11

30 min –     $16

45 min –      $21

60 min –     $26

Evening Walks (7 pm or later)

30 min –     $21

Mid-day Runs

30 min –    $21

City Escape Hikes

60 min –     $36

The City Escape Hike gives your active dog a chance to get off the beaten path.  We’ll visit some great hiking spots in and around the city, where your dog can explore a whole new environment and have fun just being a dog.  Our City Escape Hikes are 60 minutes  from pick up to drop off (time includes transportation).  If you would like your pup to have additional hiking time, just let us know!

Dog Park Adventures

60 min – $26

The Dog Park Adventure lets your pup(s) enjoy supervised playing, socializing, fetching, wrestling, sometimes swimming and well …lots more playing in an enclosed dog park in your area! Your dog must be up to date on all vaccinations and licensed for your city or county. If your local dog park requires a membership, you are responsible for joining and providing us with the entrance code.  Our Dog Park Adventures are 60 minutes from pick up to drop off (time includes transportation).  If you would like your pup to have additional play time, just let us know.



Four Dog Adventures visits always end with a healthy treat, fresh water, playtime and snuggles =)

All pricing is for one dog.  Have another pup who needs some fun? No problem, a second dog is $5 and a third dog is $3 in addition to base prices.

Weekend requests are an additional $3 per visit. FDA does not charge any additional fees for feeding or medication, just let us know what you need!

If our services listed above don’t match what you’re looking for, let us know and we will be happy to talk with you about other activities your dog may enjoy.