Sundara Lucas, Owner

Sundara Lucas with Pitbull Mix Ivy, One of Her Four Rescue Dogs
Sundara Lucas with Pit Bull Mix Ivy

I’ve been an animal lover (to put it mildly) my whole life.  I love to run and hike and get outside as often as possible, and bringing any of my pups along makes it that much better.   My dogs enrich my life every day, and they are my inspiration for starting Four Dog Adventures.

My dogs are active and full of energy.  They need a combination of walks, runs, play, and more or else they just go crazy.   I know there are lots of dogs out there, large and small, who have the same needs.  It can be hard to fulfill their needs when you lead a busy life, even when it’s what you’d really like to do.  I created Four Dog Adventures to provide a service that will fill in when you just aren’t able to.  Together, we will create an experience that fulfills your dogs’ needs and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing everything you can for your best friend.


Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  There is no obligation or cost. We look forward to meeting you and your pup(s).


Natalie Tusa, Manager

Nat with Gran, Jay, Lebowski & Lou Pig

Two things have remained constant in my life – living in Baltimore and always having dogs. My love for animals attracted me to the best position I could ever ask for, working with dogs everyday to help improve their lives.

Learning to enhance my own life through exercise and sharing that with my dogs has been a challenge that has brought me priceless rewards. A dogs unconditional love is a quality I admire. I find it fulfilling returning that love through spending time with them walking and learning about all breeds, mixes and personalities.





 Team Members

We feel very fortunate to have a great crew of dog walkers and pet sitters on our team!  Everyone who joins our team goes through an extensive interview process, must pass a criminal background check and just as importantly, must have a huge love and dedication to animals. All of our walkers have pictures with their favorite pups on our Facebook page under our team members album click here to check us out!